Meeting on a Structured Approach for Programming Extreme Scale and Heterogeneous Systems

EPiGRAM-HS has organized a focus meeting at ETH on the 8th-10th of September 2019 in Zurich and gathered scientists within the HPC field to discuss recent advances and current challenges that the community is facing.

The goal of the meeting was to bring together leading experts in programming models and systems for networks, heterogeneous memories and compute units to define a structured approach for programming extreme scale and heterogeneous systems. The meeting included short informal presentations about perceived strength and limitations of different approaches together with potential solutions. There was also dedicated sessions for discussion in small groups.


Hartwig Anzt
Valeria Bartsch
Michela Becchi
Siegfried Benkner
Tiziano De Matteis
Tom Deakin
Chen Ding
Tim Dykes
Maya Gokhale
William Gropp

Utz-Uwe Haus
Torsten Hoefler
Dan Holmes
Niclas Jansson
Erwin Laure
Dong Li
Glenn Lockwood
Pekka Manninen
Stefano Markidis
Shirley Moore
Antonio J. Peña

Harvey Richardson
Rob Ross
Martin Ruefenacht
Mitsuhisa Sato
Timo Schneider
Martin Schulz
Anthony Skjellum
Joost VandeVondele
Jeffrey Vetter
Michele Weiland
Felix Wolf

The meeting's agenda can be found here:

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