Work packages

WP 1 - Management

Work package 1 has responsibility for monitoring the quality of the project, ensuring work progress according to plan, and timely delivery of the project results. Each EPiGRAM-HS work package will develop Deliverables, whose high quality needs to be ensured by WP1 using peer-review techniques. KTH leads this WP.

WP 2 - Network

Work package 2 will deal with the design and development of MPI and GASPI extensions for programming large-scale heterogeneous systems. UEDIN leads this WP with major contributions by ETH.

Work package Vision
Exploiting heterogeneity for high performance communication, building on proven programming models.

WP 3 - Memory

Work package 3 deals with the design and development of an abstract memory device including APIs and a runtime system for data placement on diverse memories. HP leads this WP with major contributions by KTH.

Work package Vision
Simplified efficient usage of complex memory systems.

WP 4 - Compute

Work package 4 deal with the design and implementation of GPI-Space support for distributed FPGAs, and a DSL for deep-learning applications. FhG will lead this WP with contributions by KTH and UEDIN.

Work package Vision
Improving the integration of code for leading edge accelerators in work flows in HPC applications.

WP 5 - Applications and integration

Work package 5 identifies requirements for the programming environment components and validate them in the applications. Every member of the consortium will also contribute to the work package, allowing for a better definition and implementation of the outcomes of the project. ECWMF, will lead this WP.

Work package Vision
Describing extreme-scale application bottlenecks and demonstrating improvements to application performance by targeting the EPiGRAM-HS environment.

WP 6 - Dissemination and standardization

Work package 6 deals with dissemination of the project results, coordi- nate the training activities, ensure the exploitation of the EPiGRAM-HS results, and contribute to the standardization in the MPI and GASPI Forums. KTH will lead this WP.

Work package Vision
Extending reach by presence in HPC events and fora, as well as exploiting diverse online channels and presence in standardization bodies for maximum possible impact and adoption.